deo fresh spray with Potassium Alum which, thanks to its deodorant and antibacterial properties, fights sweat by releasing a feeling of freshness on the skin and good preparation to welcome fragrances.


Potassium Alum is a mixed salt of aluminum and potassium with an antiperspirant action. At room temperature it is solid, colorless and odorless.

It is an excellent antiperspirant and an effective antibacterial, because its saline component and its osmotic power create an inhospitable environment for bacteria that settle in the humid areas of the body, preventing the formation of bad odors due to the proliferation of microorganisms, without blocking sweating. physiological (as chemical deodorants do) because it forms a sort of protective film on the sweat glands, which dissolves spontaneously after a few hours.


Potassium Alum also acts as a natural antibacterial, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria that can settle in the humid areas of our body. Potassium Alum has disinfectant and healing power

it lasts a long time, it is odorless, it does not contain synthetic fragrances and not even alcohol or gas; it is also suitable for those suffering from allergy to synthetic fragrances and does not leave streaks on clothes.

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