excitement to a light beyond the visible




Five new encounters to discover a new world.

It is through a different light that the body changes and lights up again.

It is through this projecting into a new dimension that a new world is explored.


The artifact of fluorescence investigates through its "excitations" of light and enhances its gifts.


Here is the genesis of this new collection, which opens with a further tribute to the famous LAVS fragrance declined in shower gel and body cream.


Overcoming limits will appear clearer if we look back and compare the past with the present, the body and its improvement, loving the time that inexorably alters and modifies, observing the changing of our relationship with nature and with history, overcoming everyone the borders that seems insurmountable where it is forbidden to ban.


In absorption, the energy is completely transformed into different energy forms, different wavelengths.


"Nothing is more necessary than superfluous" declared Oscar Wilde's ironic and somewhat cynical pen.

it is divided into beautiness and ugliness. We need Beautiness in our life and sometimes it makes up for a lot, especially in the joyful sphere.

Exceeding the limits of necessity does not only mean overflowing but composing a parabolic frame made of small doses of the intellect to enrich, improve and give oneself to the other.

Superfluous does not mean altering but re-molding oneself also with the contribution of superstructures necessary in the time that unfolds.


SuperFluo? Five necessary objects, five superstructures connected to each other, five strong lights that use ingredients with very low environmental impact, not tested on animals, and that do not contain parabenic and edta preservatives.

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