face scrub, in a soft, purifying and exfoliating emulsion. Formulated with ruby, Aloe Vera and Pilosella extract, the face scrub removes dead cells and impurities for a softer and smoother skin.

The oxygenated and purified skin will breathe again, looking younger and more vital. With a refined and relaxing fragrance with precious ruby ​​crystals that are combined with the mixture of precious vegetable oils and ruby ​​powder to gently stimulate the renewal of the epidermis with a revitalizing and remineralizing effect.

Pilosella or pelosella (botanical name Hieracium pilosella) is a bristly and perennial herbaceous plant, belonging to the Composite family (Asteraceae).

The face massage performed with this precious potion moisturizes, regenerates and purifies the skin, promoting drainage and elimination of toxins. The skin is smooth, toned and deeply regenerated, perfectly prepared to better absorb the active ingredients of the products applied subsequently. A fundamental treatment in facial care to increase the brightness and softness of the skin, making it more toned, smooth, deeply regenerated and preparing it for the absorption of the remodeling and nourishing active ingredients

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