Inspired by Readly Scott's Hannibal film,

shot mostly in Florence,

focuses synesthetically

on the moment when Hannibal Lecter

asks Clarice a question:

"You would tell me: stop, if you love me stop?"

It is a continuous search, in two different ways,

in two different worlds.

One runs looking for elegance, art,

hating the mediocrity of the human,

arriving extreme and crazy points

against "rude free-range"

or who in some way can

disturb the universal Beauty.

The other runs between the icy choices

and impersonal of your life,

falling in love with an institution

who can never repay his adept.

A bit like seeing and believing,

joys and suffering,

tracing with the thought

an infinite ideal

to love without borders

and without restrictions ...

in a race that enhances

this harmony.







Subject: Bergamot, Artemisia, Lavender, Lemon


Counter subject: Styrax, Cascarilla, Rosemary, Calamus


Tail: Angelica, Sandalwood, Musk oak, Galbanum

resinoid, amber, musk