The excitement to a light beyond the visible. New SuperFluo collection? Five products, five new encounters to discover a new world.

Go beyond your borders, where it is forbidden to forbid

It is through a different light that your body changes and lights up again.


Here is the genesis of the new SuperFluo? Collection, created to know and introduce a new world.


Let yourself be projected into a new dimension through these 5 superstructures connected to each other, by a play of colors and strong lights.


Is nothing more necessary than SuperFluo ?.


Perfect alchemy
to enhance your essence

The artefaction of fluorescence investigates through its "excitations" of light and exalts its gifts.


Five necessary voices, five connected superstructures, five strong lights that use unique ingredients of their kind.


Essences with very low environmental impact, not tested on animals and which have parabenic and edta preservatives.


New forms of energy, different wavelengths united in a perfect alchemy.


What do you find inside
SuperFluo? collection?



shower gel

Excellent shower gel, for all skin types. Delicate and moisturizing thanks to the particular action of Panthenol. Called "the vitamin of beauty", it penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, deeply hydrating it. Panthenol has regenerating and soothing properties. Effective both to fortify and make hair shiny, and as a soothing and moisturizer for the skin.


body cream

Natural emulsion based on vegetable oils including Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Organic Shea Butter.

The vegetable oils present have a strong emollient effect. After treatment with this cream, the skin regains tone and elasticity, gaining firmness. Suitable for dry skin and for the winter.


deo spray

Deo fresh spray with Potassium Alum which, thanks to its deodorant and antibacterial properties, fights sweat by releasing a feeling of freshness on the skin and good preparation to welcome fragrances. Potassium Alum is an excellent antiperspirant and an effective antibacterial.


ruby scrub

Face scrub, in a soft, purifying and exfoliating emulsion. Formulated with ruby, Aloe Vera and Pilosella extract, the face scrub removes dead cells and impurities for a soft and smooth skin.

The oxygenated and purified skin will breathe again, looking younger and more vital. With a refined and relaxing fragrance with precious ruby ​​crystals that combine with the blend of precious vegetable oils to gently stimulate the skin with a revitalizing and remineralizing effect.


jellyfish poison face cream

Medusa Venom face cream, anti-aging. Thanks to the presence within the formulation of proteins and active ingredients that simulate the activity of "Medusa's poison", reducing wrinkles and expression lines. The simultaneous action of Shea Butter, organic Aloe Vera Gel and precious dermophilic oils that act on the first lines of expression make the product an excellent ally for mature skin marked by time. It also contains active ingredients such as luminescin with the extraordinary ability to make the skin brighter.

Why choose to "live"
our SuperFluo? collection


artisan expression

The products of our SuperFluo? collection are made entirely by hand, reflecting the highest expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship. 5 new encounters with a pure and simple soul, to get to know a world beyond borders. It is through this projecting into a new dimension that you can appreciate yourself and the nature that surrounds you. Experience this collection, in its maximum sensory expression.

Exclusive Collection


The products of the SuperFluo? collection are biological in nature. We only use ingredients with a very low environmental impact, not tested on animals and that do not have parabenic and edta preservatives. By observing the variation of our relationship with the nature that surrounds us, going beyond our borders will appear clearer. Let yourself be flooded with different forms of energy and wavelengths.

Is nothing more necessary than SuperFluo?. Nothing describes our collection like Oscar Wilde's ironic and somewhat cynical pen. We are talking about exclusive products, born for a niche market beyond expectations. 5 presences with a strong and distinct character, different from any other, capable of giving sensory well-being beyond the limits and distinguishing themselves for beauty and elegance.

A constant research
of the new

For the creation of our products we carry out a constant search for new experiences, to be fully lived. We only use exclusive raw materials, which you cannot find easily. In addition, the artifact of fluorescence investigates through its "excitations" of light and enhances these splendid gifts, of indisputable quality. Thus was the SuperFluo? collection born.

Exclusive packaging

Innovative and exclusive design, born from the artistic passions of its creator: Filippo Sorcinelli. What does it represent? A lifestyle concept that embraces different aspects of contemporaneity through unusual shapes and materials. A journey through spirituality and harmony, in the constant and daring search for beauty.

Direct assistance

We offer continuous telephone support on any of our products. If an item should be defective, or have a damaged structure that does not guarantee its correct functioning, there are no problems. We will immediately replace the product and resolve the issue. This is an integral part of our philosophy: with us you will never feel alone.


The meeting between SuperFluo?
and passions capable of witnessing

"A collection of sublime products. It is worth buying them even for the packaging alone, which manages to express a truly extraordinary form of art. The play of light, the shapes ... stupendous to the eye! You can immediately perceive the genius mind behind these creations "

- Alessandro -

"Delicate products, with an intense fragrance. An extraordinary mix of body creams and essences. The packaging is the real touch of class: you immediately perceive the exclusivity of the products. If the intention was to express the artistic philosophy of the creator ... well, they did it perfectly! Perfect purchase "

- David -

"I am happy to say that this Superfluo? collection is really WOW. Exciting packaging, with a unique design of its kind. The quality of the creams is immediately perceived: the senses are immediately accompanied by intense and delicate notes, in a mix of fragrances really special. Exceptional. "

- Jessica -

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Your questions


Who is

Filippo Sorcinelli?

FILIPPO SORCINELLI is a lifestyle brand, the result of a contamination between the arts. In 2014, in homage to the LAVS Atelier, the first fragrance of the UNUM collection was born, as a sort of olfactory tailoring. Followed by products dedicated to the artistic passions of their creator: gothic art, music, photography… the fog. FILIPPO SORCINELLI is not only synonymous with niche products. The company's projects range volcanically in every sector: art, events, fashion, design, in a lifestyle concept that embraces different aspects of contemporaneity through unusual shapes and materials. A journey through spirituality and harmony, in the constant and daring search for beauty.




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