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X SE'_New Collection



_New Collection

Four new encounters to discover a new world.

_extrait de perversion_

Losing oneself in the silence of one's intimacy means being able to look beyond (Latin “transgredi”), that is, going beyond the limits of what is lawful.


It is therefore right to investigate, to analyze and discover, also through smells, what is considered to be a break in a social pattern. Breaking the stereotype, and the price to pay is that of diversity.


Filippo Sorcinelli opens a new collection of four fragrances with an ambiguous and graphically provocative name X SÉ ready to differentiate the man himself from the others around him.

Four smells enclosed in 30 ml bottles in “roll-on” version, experienced first of all as an intimate, isolated, silent gesture, far from false respectability.


Four small sculptures, from the industrial pack and entirely handmade, also by Filippo himself, using materials usually used in the electrical and hydraulic fields.

Sheaths for radiators melted with the blowtorch, other heat-shrinkable, with clear and clear colors, clamps that block latex flaps.

All enclosed in "ambiguous" black boxes molded in yellow, red, black or blue that open "reveal" images and articulate the project one by one.

Discover the amazing world of Filippo Sorcinelli

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